Phil Spencer explains appeal of Location, Location, Location 'Always emotional'

Long-standing Channel 4 series Location, Location, Location has been airing for 22 years. Speaking exclusively to, 52-year-old Phil Spencer detailed the secret behind the show’s success, explaining that the relatable emotions that come with buying a property are why audiences continue to tune in, as well as the “genuine” nature of the show.

“I like to think it’s because it is very genuine,” Phil replied when asked about the show’s long stint.

“I guess as a format we are all interested in where we live.

“We’re not all into gardening or cooking or driving cars or something but we are all interested in where we live.

“So as a topic, property has potential. In terms of a TV format, buying a house, deciding whether to sell it or do it up, those are situations that everybody either has been through or would like to go through or knows somebody that’s going through it.

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“And that is the way society is at the moment. And I worry if it becomes too hard, too complicated to either save for a deposit or buy a house, that people will go, ‘You know what, I’m just going to rent, I’m going to commit to being a lifetime tenant’.

“And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a tenant, that’s not what I’m saying at all.

“But when people buy their own homes and they can dig it and they put roots down and they become part of that community for the long-term rather than a perhaps a more transient way of life, where people move around and duck and dive and change jobs and move up and down north and south.”

He continued: “I think that would change society.” 

On the future of the show, Phil indicated there were no plans to move away from it in the near future.

“We are very happy,” he commented. “We’re trying to develop new programmes, new ideas.

“We make 10 Locations a year and we make eight Love It or List Its, and then there’s repeats and revisits.

“And Kirstie’s [Allsopp] got her Christmas show and the craft shows.

“I’m developing a programme I’m hoping to be working on in September or October so that there’s plenty going on.

“We genuinely feel very lucky to have had the amount of work and to be enjoying the work that we do.

“And also to be helping people through these big decisions.”

Location, Location, Location is available to watch on All4.