Ukraine aided by US intelligence to target 'astonishing number' of Russian generals

Approximately 12 Russian generals have been killed by Ukrainian forces according to their officials, a number which is said to have “astonished” military analysts.

The Kyiv Independent, a Ukraine-based news organisation, also revealed on Twitter that, despite Putin’s best efforts, Russian airstrikes have failed to hinder US arms supplies to Ukraine.

They wrote: “Russian airstrikes fail to interfere with US arms transfers to Ukraine.

“Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on May 5 that Russian forces aimed at ‘critical infrastructure targets’ in western Ukraine, including power facilities and transportation hubs.”

The Biden administration has been helping to provide the Ukrainians with real-time battle intelligence, including sharing anticipated Russian troop movements and details of the location of the Russian mobile military headquarters.

The US Government has also stepped up efforts to provide Zelensky’s forces with heavier weapons and billions of dollars of aid as American public opinion has moved in favour of helping Ukraine, reported The New York Times.

It appears this intelligence sharing has had a “decisive effect”, as Putin has failed to make significant headway in his invasion.

However, President Biden has reportedly sought to keep much of the battlefield intelligence secret out of fear of provoking Putin into declaring all out war.

American officials would not reveal how they obtained their information, yet it is believed they have used classified and commercial satellites to monitor Russian troop movements.

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There have been fears that Putin is seeking to escalate the conflict, with many pointing to May 9, the day of the Russian Victory Parade marking the defeat of the Nazis in World War Two, as a potential day for a war declaration.

Yet the Kremlin must weigh up the risk of a retaliation from NATO forces, who have so far not implemented a no-fly zone over Ukraine despite President Zelensky’s requests.

It has been reported that Putin now wishes to concentrate his forces in the Donbas area in the east of Ukraine, having failed to seize Kyiv and many other important cities.