Jeremy Clarkson blasts Putin’s office: ‘Decorated it by spending £1million at Woolworths!’

Jeremy Clarkson didn’t hold back when it came to describing his thoughts on Putin’s office. The 62-year-old likened the style of the office to “spending £1million at Woolworths” in a brutal description.

The car enthusiast made the comments during a recent opinion he wrote last week.

In the piece, he remarked on Putin’s questionable taste and compared the Russian President to a “footballer”.

He said: “When I look at all the hideous furniture in Putin’s office, I can’t help wondering if maybe he was a footballer at some point in the past.

“It looks like he decorated it by spending £1million at Woolworths.”

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During season one of Clarkson’s Farm, Jeremy broke down in tears after visiting an abattoir.

He had driven three sick ewes there to be killed and it had proven to be an emotional experience.

He had said: “I’m a sheep farmer, this is what sheep farmers do, they take their animals to make, they take them to the abattoir.”

He wanted to say goodbye to the sheep but was told by the abattoir manager that it was too late.