‘A lot of them in us’ Jane Fonda broke down in tears saying goodbye to Grace and Frankie

Speaking on the finale, co-creator Howard J. Morris told Vanity Fair: “We had to figure out how to end a show satisfyingly that’s about beginnings.

“You want to feel like something happened that made it feel like an ending, but also don’t want to sell out the show and have some horrible thing happen.”

With Netflix no longer interested in long-running shows, Kaufman admitted: “To be honest, they were right, because the show starts telling you what it wants.

“We had done the stories that were most important to us, and it felt like it was the right time to end the series. And it’s better to leave them wanting more than to have people go, ‘Oh, they should have ended last year.’”

Grace and Frankie is available on Netflix.


source: express.co.uk