Danni Menzies relives grandmother's horror as a victim of Nazi war amid Ukraine conflict

A Place In The Sun star Danni Menzies has revealed her grandmother, who once lived in Poland, struggled to get over the trauma of Nazi rule in Europe. Danni reflected on her grandmother’s heartbreaking experience while discussing the Ukraine war, in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk.

Danni still recalls some of the experiences her grandmother used to share about the difficulties of day to day life in Eastern Europe.

“I grew up with [her] and [she’d] lived through a war, [so she was] telling me all these awful stories,” she explained.

“I never really thought that would be happening again.

“As a little one, you just listen. But now, seeing everything that’s going on made me think of what she went through again and all the poor women and children that are having to leave behind their families,” she added sadly.

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Danni’s mother has already been donating funds and giving away blankets in a bid to help the refugees fleeing war-torn Ukraine, while she too is planning to take action of her own.

She liked the sound of the AirBnB project that was recently announced, where philanthropic people pay for accommodation in Ukraine, but then contact the owner of the property to explain they won’t be staying at the location.

The idea, currently trending online, is all about raising funds for the local community.

“That is a great idea and something I will definitely look into doing,” she clarified.

“I mean, you just hope someone on the inside kills him, because it’s just absolutely mental.”

“I’ve been thinking a lot more [recently] about women and children who are going through a war.”

One of Danni’s previous boyfriends was a soldier, although she was quick to explain that he’s no longer in her life.

“I dated him three years ago and it was for, like, a few months, but because he was a war hero, people were splashing it everywhere,” she explained.

“I’ve not spoken to him for a long time!

“At the moment I am seeing somebody [new], but that’s all I’m saying about it. I’ll share that another time!” she teased.

Meanwhile, Danni, who aspires to travel and see more of the world before settling down and purchasing her own dream place in the sun, has revealed that the next few years for her could bring any number of surprises.

“I’ve got no idea [what’s next] and that’s what makes it so exciting!” she exclaimed.

source: express.co.uk