'Key when trying to sell': How to add value to your home – painting the door adds £4,000

Georgina Burnett is an ITV’s This Morning and BBC presenter, author and home coach, and DIY interiors vlogger. Also known as The Home Genie, Georgina spoke about adding value to your home. She advised boosting the value of your property with a new front door or new kitchen fittings.

She told Express.co.uk readers: “Think about curb appeal because first impressions really do count.

“Refurbishing your front door, or replacing it if it’s beyond repair, can make a big difference.”

In fact, recent studies have found a new front door can boost house prices by £4,000.

The colour of the door is important though. Blue doors are seen as the most desirable, adding £4k.

The least desirable front door is a brown front door, which could even decrease the value of your home.

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There is no need to replace the kitchen or bathroom when selling. Minor tweaks can make a big difference.

Georgina said: “Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, but there’s no need to go overboard with ripping them out and replacing them with new extravagant furniture.

“If the carcasses of the kitchen are in good order you can modernise the kitchen by painting it and replacing the handles – even if they are laminate.

“The same goes for the bathroom. This way you can spend your budget elsewhere and save furniture from going to landfills. “

The expert describes the most common painting mistakes made by renovators. 

“When you’re told a colour is in fashion, that doesn’t mean you have to paint your lounge in it,” Georgina said.

“Sometimes less is more, and a fashionable colour would be better in smaller doses.”

She also advised picking the colours of the wall based on more than just colour cards.

source: express.co.uk