Johnny Depp says Amber stubbed cigarette out on his face after severing finger in court

Johnny Depp has accused Amber Heard in court of stubbing a cigarette out on his face, amid his defamation trial against her. The actor also claimed Amber “roundhouse punched” him in the face and caused his finger to be severed by throwing a vodka bottle at him. 

During the trial, Johnny claimed Amber had thrown two bottles at him after an argument about his proposed postnuptial agreement.

He alleged that the tip of his finger was severed by the glass, and he could see the bone. 

A photo of the actor in the emergency room in the hospital with his injury was shown to the court, and Johnny said there was another detail in that photo – pointing to what appeared to be a mark on his face.

He said this mark was caused by Amber putting a lit cigarette out on his face, weeks after the bottle incident. 

He alleged she was “trying to hit him” and that her sister, Whitney, separated them. 

A photo of what appeared to be his bruised cheek was then shown to the court. 

The court then played a recording where Amber could be heard telling Johnny: “I did not punch you, I was hitting you.” 

She added: “I did start a physical fight.”

Johnny has also accused Amber of refusing to give him medication during his detox from opiates in the Bahamas. He says he was crying and begging her, but she refused. 

While he was desperate to have his medication earlier in the day than scheduled, he claimed Amber refused, and it was the “lowest point” of his whole life.

“It was physical,” he said. “I hate saying this and I hate to have to admit this but that was about the lowest point in my life. 

“That was the lowest I’d ever felt as a human being, because I had to say, ‘Please, please may I have the meds, because it’s really kicking in.’ 

“She was adamant… it’s not time,” he told the court. 

Today marks the second day that Johnny has taken to the stand to testify against Amber as he sues her for $50million. 

So far, he has only been questioned by his own legal team, but will be cross-examined later on in the trial.

Amber, who is counter-suing Johnny for $100million, has not yet taken to the stand, but denies all allegations of abuse. 

The trial continues.