'Just become nasty' Phil Spencer defends 'dear friend' Kirstie Allsopp after backlash

“If you don’t like the shows don’t watch them. But I’m beyond caring what the press or social media think about me, life is too short.”

Social media users jumped on to the post with their thoughts.

@CHSNotts wrote: “Put your reputation where your mouth is and make a series of programmes where 21 year olds on low to average wages are guided by your exoertise to buy their first home under their own financial steam.” (sic) 

Contrarily, in agreement with Kirstie, @Johnfachiri commented: “I agree with The fact that if young people want to get on the housing ladder they should stop paying for Netflix etc and save. It is the initial step to saving a decent deposit. Don’t criticise Kirstie because she is from a titled family.”

source: express.co.uk