Heartbreaking image as dog refuses to abandon dead Ukrainian owner killed by Putin troops

The poor animal was captured lying next to the body of a man, thought to be its owner. The man was shot dead by Russian army forces. It resembles the tragic story of Hachikō – a Japanese Akita dog that waited at Shibuya, Tokyo for nine years after his owner’s death. It was the subject of 2009 Hollywood film ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’, starring Richard Gere.

The image in Ukraine is thought to have been taken in an area near Kyiv.

It was shared by the Ukrainian animal rights organisation, UAnimals.

A caption said: “The dog does not leave the owner, who was shot dead by the Russian occupiers near Kyiv.”

It is unknown if the poor animal was later rescued and brought to safety.

The picture was shared by thousands of social media users, with commenters expressing their pain and sympathy for the Ukraine.

Janet Boden wrote: “R I P. Absolutely Heartbreaking a man’s best & loyal friend to the end. I hope someone rescues this precious baby.”

Gillian Blahyj said: “Such a heart-rending picture, I hope someone can take this poor dog in and feed and love him.”

Another user, Marjo Enegren commented: “So cruel. I don’t understand how this is possible!!! So, so sad. I hate…”

While Claudia Niedzwitz wrote: “So sorry, please take the dog a. Way from that place. Sorry, sorry.”

UAnimals has been operating in Ukraine since 2016. It is dedicated to supporting helpless animals since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

Its members work every day in Kyiv and other areas trying to rescue animals suffering amid the cruelty of the war.

Receiving donations from around the world, the organisation provides animals with food.

UAnimals volunteers have also been focusing their efforts on evacuating animals out of Ukraine to find safety in other Eastern European countries.

An account on the funding platform Patreon has so far reached 3,427 supporters.

Countless animals are facing the terrifying consequences of the war in Ukraine, alongside the effects of the deteriorating humanitarian catastrophe.

As the atrocities of the war carry on for 40 days, hundreds of pets have been left helpless because their owners were killed and their homes destroyed.

Volunteers are also rescuing abandoned animals that have been left behind after their owners were displaced or evacuated out of their homes.

An animal shelter at Gostomel, on the outskirts of Kyiv, has seen many of its protected animals killed in attacks by Russia.

Desperate for supplies and support, volunteers at the shelter struggle to keep the 700 hosted animals alive and healthy.

Electricity and water were cut off at the shelter after battles at Gostomel airport.

Severely damaged facilities are now operating with generators.

Volunteers at the shelter struggle to receive any supplies since all roads and bridges are closed in the area.

In the absence of green corridors to evacuate the shelters and bring the animals to safety, the nightmare continues for the hundreds of innocent pets caught in the line of fire.

Click here to support UAnimals and here to directly donate to the Gostomel shelter

source: express.co.uk