Kate Middleton's 'supernatural' hair still seems 'absolutely natural looking' – 'timeless'

Kate Middleton wore her long curly brunette locks to the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey on Monday, March 14. Analysis of Google search data revealed online searches for ‘how to curl hair’ exploded 611 percent as a result. The study by hair experts Longevita revealed online searches for ‘how to curl hair’ skyrocketed to six times the average volume in a matter of hours.

The Duchess, who styled her hair in long, loose styled curls, accompanied the hairstyle with a Jackie Kennedy style pillbox hat.

A spokesperson for Longevita commented on the findings for Express.co.uk.

They said: “The Duchess of Cambridge is undoubtedly one of the most influential women on the planet when it comes to style and these findings only amplify that.

“Not only does this rise in search volume highlight Catherine’s immense ability to use fashion and style to complement the engagements she attends, but the findings shine a light on how positively Catherine is received by the British public.

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“Catherine’s influence and popularity will undoubtedly come as a welcome reminder to both the Queen and family alike.

“The surge in interest for the hairstyles that the Duchess wears can be attributed to her classic and elegant style.

“The simplicity of the hairstyle creates a timeless feel, as well as being a look that is easily emulated by fans.”

Kate’s hair looks so wavy and luscious, and Olia Cutz, the founder of The Extensionist, a salon based in Clapham in South London has created Ultra Bond Hair Extensions for clients to look just like the Duchess of Cambridge.


“When you have hair extensions like Kate Middleton, the texture of the hair should match your natural hair and the colour.

“Now, with extensions these days, the quality of the hair can be so good that you can style the hair the same way as your natural hair, and you know it’s going to be absolutely natural looking.

“If Kate Middleton ever had extensions it will probably be tapings mixed with Ultra Bonds because tapes do give you volume but they do not separate into strands and that way they look so full and nice.

“Kate was spotted recently with short hair and then literally a week later she had super long hair, so we were all questioning, was it just clip-ins or was it permanent hair?

“I would say maybe her hairdresser did use permanent extensions because clip-ins might pull out, something might show, but permanent well-done extensions would never be exposed to anyone, especially if she’s going out going to important meetings.

“What’s good about extensions is that when you do curl them, the curls actually hold better than on natural hair.

“It holds the shape so much better and obviously, it gives every client so much more confidence, and once you have a little bit of a boost you just feel like a million dollars.

“Even the Royal Family can get extensions and feel slightly better and more confident, especially when Kate goes out on royal events!” she said.

source: express.co.uk