Your next Android phone will make your home broadband look impossibly slow

Your home broadband could soon be eclipsed by a tiny chipset tucked inside your smartphone. US technology firm Qualcomm has just announced the launch of its new mobile modem, which is fully capable of downloading files and streaming films at speeds in excess of 10Gbps – that’s over 100x faster than average home broadband speed in the UK.

Using a 10Gbps connection you’d be able to download a blockbuster movie in just three seconds. The new Snapdragon X70 will start arriving in phones later this year and will harness the power of 5G to bring these ludicrously fast speeds to users on the move.

5G continues to roll-out across the UK, with all of the major networks now offering customers access to this blisteringly quick technology. However, no carriers in the UK have managed to offer mobile data downloads at speeds close to 10Gbps right now.

This isn’t the first time that Qualcomm has released a mobile modem that features this incredible amount of power, but the X70 should make connectivity more efficient and reliable thanks to some clever AI.

In fact, Qualcomm says that its new Snapdragon X70 introduces the world’s first 5G AI processor in a modem system.

This intelligence will keep a constant eye on the network and signal to make sure things are perfectly optimised for the best speeds. Another advantage of the X70 is that it’s much more efficient meaning less of a drain on the battery.

Current 5G devices are renowned for losing power more quickly when using this latest technology so hopefully, this latest upgrade from Qualcomm will help alleviate those battery worries.

“Our 5th generation modem-RF system extends our global 5G leadership and the introduction of native 5G AI processing creates a platform and inflexion point for performance-enhancing innovations,” said Durga Malladi, senior vice president and general manager, 5G, Mobile Broadband and Infrastructure, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

“Snapdragon X70 is an example of how we’re realising the full potential of 5G and making an intelligently connected world possible.”

Customers will begin seeing the Snapdragon X70 in the second half of 2022 although it’s unclear which manufacturers have committed to installing it in their devices.