Vikings Valhalla season 2: Harald star drops worrying hint at future of Freydis romance

Harald Sigurdsson (played by Leo Suter) and Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavsson) wasted no time in striking up a romance following their first introduction in Vikings Valhalla. Despite being from different worlds and following different religions, the pair’s feelings for one another were evident throughout the Netflix drama’s debut run – from Harald saving Freydis from a death sentence for killing one of Olaf’s (Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson) men to Freydis helping a wounded Harald out of harm’s way during the finale’s battle in Kattegat. 

However, heading into a second season of Vikings Valhalla, it’s safe to say their romance is far from stable.

The battle at Kattegat resulted in the two fighting on opposite sides, with Harald on the side of Olaf, Jarl Kare (Asbjørn Krogh Nissen) and the Christians while Freydis fought with Jarl Haakon (Caroline Henderson) to try and defend the Norwegian stronghold.

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What ensued was graphic and extensive bloodshed with both armies losing a vast number of valuable soldiers – even Jarl Haakon was moved down by arrows.

Freydis, however, managed to make it out of the battle alive and even exacted revenge against Jarl Kare for his genocide of Pagans by stabbing and beheading him in Kattegat’s hall.

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Harald, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky as to make it out of Kattegat unscathed.

Olaf’s half-brother had taken a blow to the side of his abdomen, leaving him bleeding out while slumped against a wall on the battlefield.

During the fight, the two locked eyes across the battlefield and while at first, it seemed Freydis was going to leave her love interest to die, she eventually helped him to his feet and the two fled.

The last fans saw of Freydis and Harald, they had sought safety upon a clifftop far away from the war zone in Kattegat and watched on as King Forkbeard’s (Soren Pilmark) army arrived to, presumably, capture Olaf for his betrayal to King Canute (Bradley Freegard).

“They work so well together but at the same time, there are big forces and big passions that are pulling them apart. 

“And as with any sort of love story, there’s… it’s so simple in some respects, but also so complicated in other ways,” he hesitated.

Not wanting to give away too many spoilers, Suter stayed tight-lipped on specifics but did drop some worrying clues that their romance may not last.

“So yeah, season two will be a journey for them,” he cryptically continued.

“And we’ll get to see these two headstrong characters with strong beliefs and principles, figure out what the world holds for them.”

Could these “strong beliefs” mean their “journey” ends in heartbreak?

After all, there’s the not-so-small issue of Freydis’ half-brother Leif (Sam Corlett) seemingly baying for blood in the drama’s final moments.

He could only watch on as love interest and fellow Greenlander Liv (Lujza Richter) died in his arms after battling off the Christian army only to be impaled by Olaf’s sword.

If he discovers Harald’s involvement with the opposition and the fact his sister helped him flee, Leif looks like he’ll be far from understanding.

Could it be Leif embodies the murderous side of his father Erik the Red to put a stop to Harald and Freydis’ romance?

Vikings Valhalla is available to stream on Netflix now.