Elden Ring Review – A Formula Perfected | Press-Start

Press-Start writes:

Since the release of Demons Souls in 2009, FromSoftwares titles have blown up from cult followings to some of the most pivotal cornerstones we have in the industry today, influencing hundreds of games, and even creating its own sub-genre in the process. Theres a palpable and emphatic excitement present in the lead up to the release of a new From game, and never has this consensus been more apparent than with Elden Ring. It some ways, Elden Ring is a celebration of all that came before a culmination of everything people love about Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro while also elevating a well established formula to new heights with an open-world design philosophy similar to that of Breath of the Wild. The end result is one of Froms best experiences yet, positively dripping with creativity, attention to detail, and a sense of journey that will undoubtedly leave Elden Ring as one of the most talked about open-world games of this generation.

source: gamezpot.com