Rafael Nadal told Cameron Norrie to stop whinging in heated clash – 'Just accept it'

He also admitted he held his tongue with things Norrie had done on the court, expecting the same back from his opponent.

“I didn’t complain at all when he was throwing his ball bad for 20 times. I didn’t know when he was going to serve. I didn’t complain at all during the whole match, so I don’t think he has to complain about the other stuff, no?” he said.

“The umpire just told me that I need to be quicker because he was ready. Okay, if he wants to put that pressure, I just accept it. I tried to be a little bit quicker. He was just playing his cards.”

Meanwhile, Norrie was calm in defeat as he explained why he thought his complaints were reasonable.

“I was just playing at my normal speed, and I think he takes obviously a little bit longer, especially on his service games when he was serving,” the Kiwi-raised Brit said.

“He does a good job of managing the time of when I’m serving. She did say something to him. I was having to wait until five, six or seven seconds left for him when I was the one serving when the rule is that you have to play to the service speed.

“I think it was all within the rules and completely reasonable – it didn’t put me off.”

source: express.co.uk