Joe Biden pledges up to £448m in ‘immediate military assistance’ to Ukraine

A document issued by the White House stated Mr Biden made the order under part of the Foreign Assistance Act to “determine whether it is important to the security interests of the United States to furnish up to $250million (£187m) in assistance without regard to any provision of law”.

He also signed it “to direct the drawdown of up to an aggregate value of $350m (£261m) in defence articles and services of the Department of Defence, and military education and training, and to make the determinations required under such section to direct such a drawdown”.

Ukraine is under Russian invasion for the third day on Saturday, with no signs of talks between Moscow and Kyiv to resolve the conflic

The Pentagon on Friday vowed that the US was planning additional weapons and defensive shipments to Ukraine in the coming days, though details on the shipments were not given.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said: “We are going to provide additional security assistance for Ukraine. We will.”