Russian tanks move in! Border in chaos as Putin sends out huge numbers – fears explode

A huge convey of Russian armoured tanks painted with the letter ‘Z’ are currently moving towards the Ukrainian border. The tanks have been sprayed with a ‘Z’ marking. This has led to suggestions they are being allocated roles in an imminent invasion.

Footage shows the letter ‘Z’ has been sprayed on tanks, self-propelled guns, fuel trucks and supply vehicles.

Independent Russian Telegram channel Hunter’s Notes said: “All equipment marked with ‘Z’ was seen near Kursk and in the Shebekino region of Belgorod’ on the border with Ukraine.”

As news leaks out of the fractious border region, an ex-pat from the UK has said the small community of Britons in the country will “fight like devils” with Ukraine in event of a Russian incursion.

Explosions from artillery shells are believed to have been heard in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine, late on Saturday.

The news comes as one expat from the UK said he was part of a small community ready to “fight like devils” in the event of an invasion.

He told the BBC: “We are here, we are ready to fight and we will fight like devils, I tell you.

“There is a small expat community here.

“We will join with our Ukrainian partners, our Ukrainian friends and Ukrainian family.”

More to follow…