How To Watch The Super Bowl On Your Xbox Or PlayStation Console


Image: David Crane/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News / Kotaku

Today is the day that thousands of people head to Google and search for “How do I watch the Super Bowl?” or “When is the Super Bowl?” And today, I have some answers for how to watch the big game on one of your video game consoles.

The Super Bowl is always one of the biggest televised events of the year and always draws in big TV audiences in the US. Last year, the broadcast attracted over 95 million viewers. But as more folks, myself included, cut the cord, a lot of fans want to watch the big game via the magic of the internet. So I’m here to help. You’ve already set up an internet connection and figured out how to use it, I’m assuming. So let’s get to the next steps.

When Is The Super Bowl?

Super Bowl 56 starts on Feb. 13, 2022. The game is scheduled to start at 3:30 PM PST / 6:30 PM EST on NBC. For those who really only care about the halftime show, it will likely start around 5 PM PT/8 PM ET. (The time varies as it’s hard to predict precisely how long the first half of the game will be.)

How Do I Stream the BIG GAME on my console?

It depends on your console! But before we go any further, the only way to (legally) stream the game on modern consoles requires a premium streaming subscription plan. So keep that in mind!

Anyway, let’s start with the Xbox.

On an Xbox One or the Xbox Series S/X you have a few different options. You can watch the game via NBC’s Peacock app with a premium or premium plus plan. But any app that lets you access NBC will also let you watch the Super Bowl this year. So on Xbox that includes Hulu with a Live TV subscription, YouTube via a YouTube TV plan, fuboTV, or SlingTV.

On PS5 and PS4 you don’t currently have as many options.

Again, any streaming app available on Sony’s consoles that also provides access to NBC can get you access to the Super Bowl this year. On PS5 and PS4 that includes, Hulu with a Live TV subscription, YouTube via a YouTube TV plan, or NBC’s Peacock app with either of the previously mentioned subscription plans.

Many of these services offer free trials, assuming you haven’t already used it up. Others, like Peacock, are pretty damn cheap. So you pay $5 for a month, watch the game and then you can stream The Office or other NBC shows and movies for a few weeks until your plan ends.

How do I watch the Super Bowl for FREE, even without a console?

Let’s say you don’t have or want any of the previously listed streaming services. Perhaps you only own a Switch or a PS2. I don’t know your life situation. But there is still an easy way to watch the Super Bowl for free. It’s how I’ve watched it for years.

How? Simply buy a cheap (but not too cheap…) indoor digital TV antenna. With that, assuming you can get a nice signal, you’ll be able to watch the big game and all the commercials for no extra streaming fee. It’s also nice to have if you lose your internet for some reason and still want to watch stuff on TV. broadcast TV isn’t filled with great content, but something is better than nothing.

You can also try to watch the big game video Twitch or YouTube, as people will try to stream it on those sites throughout the night. But be warned: NBC and NFL are very good at finding and killing those free streams. So if you find one, don’t get too comfy with it as it will likely be taken down in a few moments.

What are some other ways to watch the big game today?

Well, if you want to know more ways to watch the Super Bowl today, I’d recommend checking out this excellent blog from Gizmodo which provides even more options and details for how to watch the game via streaming, cable, and more!

Wait, who is even playing in the Super Bowl this year?

You know, I had to look this up. Turns out the Rams and the Bengals. Weird, huh?