‘So what if they're photoshopped?’ Karren Brady slams critics of Madonna’s bum-baring pics

However, fans such as goddess715 gushed: “That’s why I love @madonna she gives zero fks periodt.”(sic)

Bentheauthor added: “The misogyny in these comments is a sad reflection of the world and Madonna fandom. Express yourself don’t repress yourself at any age!”

Monsieurx1975 agreed: “It scares people that you are not afraid to be yourself and more so because you are 63. I think narrow minded people who react to your image would be scared to death if they knew what was happening in your brain and soul. Maybe that’s the real issue. 

“I’m proud to be a part of the revolution of love and I love the authenticity you’ve maintained despite all of the fear and ageism. 

“It’s age now, it was a million other things since you started-thank you for being Madonna whether people like it or not.”

source: express.co.uk