Ready to cancel Spotify? Here’s how to quit your premium subscription


You can’t cancel Spotify through any of its apps — you need to use a web browser.

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If you’re thinking about canceling your Spotify subscription, you’re not alone. Following a spat between Neil Young and the streaming music service over podcaster Joe Rogan’s COVID-19 misinformation, Spotify removed all of Young’s music. Hall of Fame recording artists Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren recently announced they would also remove their music from Spotify. 

Many users angry about the loss of the artists and Spotify’s sponsorship of Rogan have vowed to cancel their Spotify subscriptions. On Thursday, Twitter users reported that Spotify temporarily shut down live customer support due to overwhelming complaints. 

If you’re looking to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription, read on to learn how to do it. And if you’re looking to switch to another service, such as Apple Music, YouTube Music or Tidal, here’s where you can find Young’s music.


To cancel Spotify, click “Change plan,” then “Cancel Premium, then “Yes, cancel.”

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How to cancel your paid Spotify subscription

First, you can’t cancel your Spotify subscription through any of the service’s applications on iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows. Instead, you’ll need to access your Spotify account through a web browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Here’s how:

1. Go to and log in to your account.

2. In Account Overview, scroll down to Your plan and hit Change plan.

3. Next, scroll down to Available plans and hit Cancel Premium.

4. Finally, hit Yes, cancel to finish the cancellation process.

This won’t delete your Spotify account but instead cancel your paid subscription and knock you down to the free tier, which still allows music streaming with advertisements. You’ll also keep all your playlists and saved music. If your next billing date is still a few days or weeks away, you’ll continue to have access to your premium account until that time.

If for some reason you don’t see an option to change your plan, that could mean you’re getting your subscription as part of a package from another company, like a mobile or internet provider or Apple. If this is your situation, you’ll want to reach out to the third party to cancel your paid subscription. If you have an iPhone, for example, go to Settings, then tap your name at the top, then Subscriptions to see which services you pay for via Apple.

Alternatively, you can fill out this form and either send it via email or physical mail to cancel your Spotify subscription.

If you’re part of a family plan but not the manager of the plan, you can leave the plan but not cancel the subscription. Only the owner of the plan can do that.

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