Highway Code changes: How changes could put up the cost of your car insurance

“So this is quite a balanced package, and I think it’s worth noting that the injuries and deaths that take place because of cyclists are also unacceptable.”

But all road users are in for a nightmare when the rules change on January 29, as publicity for the changes is failing to reach all drivers.

According to a recent poll conducted by AA, a staggering one in three drivers is unaware of the new rules.

Hojol Uddin, Head of Motoring Law at JMW Solicitors, told Express.co.uk: “The rule changes are positive, to protect those whom are vulnerable.

“However, the concerns are that the updates appear to have come from nowhere with very little publicity leading up to it, and a number of people will not be aware of the new changes and others will be.

source: express.co.uk