‘They were the best!’ Shoppers go wild over nostalgic 1990s biscuits – in shops today

Food companies are constantly changing and updating their stock in line with customer demand. McVitie’s is the latest brand to re-launch a product that has not been sold in the UK for years.

Biscuit fans will be pleased to hear that a nostalgic pack of biscuits has returned to British supermarket shelves today.

McVitie’s has announced the much-awaited return of its iconic BN biscuits.

After a four-year hiatus from UK shelves, the biscuits are today available to buy in Asda stores across the country.

The biscuits will be on sale in other supermarkets from February.

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Meanwhile, the Mini BN come in recyclable boxes of five portion packs.

The packs are £1 each.

The biscuits are the perfect break time snack or can be enjoyed as a dessert after lunch or dinner.

Britons have already spotted BN biscuits on shelves and have taken to social media to express their opinions about them.

BN stands for Biscuiterie Nantaise and is a French brand of biscuit, launched in 1932.

However, the brand was relaunched in the UK in 1999 and involved an advertising campaign with the name “BN BN” sung along to the popular song ‘Mah Nà Mah Nà’.

The biscuits were taken off UK shelves in 2003 and did not return until 2013.

This time, they were branded as “McVitie’s BN” and featured new packaging and branding.

Taken off the shelves for a second time in 2019, the biscuits are back again this year – much to fans’ joy.

source: express.co.uk