Romesh Ranganathan lost weight with one 'saviour' trick after 'brutal' comment

But his weight loss journey wasn’t just about health; being in the public eye, Romesh was constantly subject to the harsh realities of social media.

He explained: “Social media is brutal. Whenever a photo is posted of me alongside my slimmer and more handsome co-stars, people make comments such as, ‘Oh my God, they look so good, obviously not Romesh, bless him!’ or, ‘Gosh, I’m getting all hot and flustered, had to look at Romesh to calm down’.”

Like many, Romesh struggled with keeping the weight off and maintaining a disciplined attitude towards fat loss: “The truth is, I deserve to be overweight. I am so greedy. I promise myself I’m not going to eat crap, but then I get home from a gig and think, ‘You deserve a treat,’ and eat like a man who thinks his treat should be type 2 diabetes.”

Restrictive eating did not work for the comedian, as he fell off the bandwagon, “before eating the wagon in its entirety”.

“I have done 1,200-calorie days and hit the gym hard, and you get results quickly; but I also quickly feel miserable (for me, usually around day two),” he said.

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