Joe Biden to host first 2022 press conference TODAY despite mounting health concerns

The 46th US President, 79, will hold a press conference from the White House on Wednesday at 4PM ET in his first conference of this year. While taking place after a brief hiatus, it is scheduled on the anniversary of the former Mr Biden’s inauguration.

The White House’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced the news on Friday: “The president looks forward to speaking directly to the American people.”

Wednesday’s press conference will be the 10th of the former Vice President’s presidency, far fewer than his predecessors.

However, the White House has pointed out Mr Biden often takes questions from reporters in less formal settings such as during various televised briefings.

The President’s appearance comes after sparking health fears after continuously coughing during his speech at the Atlanta University Centre Consortium when the POTUS endorsed changing Senate rules which have stalled voting rights legislation.

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“Gonna be tough for him to ‘get a second chance at a first impression’ about his presidency.

“He’s damn close to lame-duckness already.”

A CBS News poll released Sunday revealed 50 percent of Americans are “frustrated” by Mr Biden’s presidency so far.

This is followed by 49 percent who are “disappointed” and 40 percent who are “nervous”.

Just 25 percent said they are “calm” and 23 percent said they are “satisfied”.

Mr. Biden’s overall approval rating is 44 percent, a drop from the approval rating in the 60s when he was first inaugurated.

His approval fell after the Afghanistan withdrawal and again when Covid cases and inflation rose.