British expats in the Canaries weigh in on the best island to retire to – ‘has everything’

The Canary Islands in Spain is made up of eight main islands, and each has something making it special. While every Canaries’ island is unique, British expats who want to retire to Spain may wonder where is best for them.

On a forum for English-speaking expats in the Canary Islands, Dotty asked fellow expats where her friends should relocate.

Dotty said she lived in Lanzarote and “loved it, but it’s not for everyone”.

She asked: “With retiring they do not need to look for an income, but would like to join some groups or help with voluntary work.”

Dotty was flooded with replies from expats who wanted to put their own island forward as best for retirement.

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User tenerifesun wrote: “I would say Tenerife of course. It has everything, beautiful coast, mountains, and such a huge variety of everything, from shops, restaurants and theatre to choose from.

“I have never been bored, and still have many more places to discover.”

Beachboy agreed and said: “For diversity, you can´t beat Tenerife.”

Canartlover said: “I have settled in Tenerife. I visited all the Islands first, and really liked Gran Canaria, but Tenerife for me, as an English person suited me better.


“I think if your friends are English they will prefer Tenerife.”

And they continued: “I have settled in Tenerife and it has everything here.”

Ibizababy, meanwhile, voted for Gran Canaria and said: “I love Gran Canaria. It has everything too, and a little more as well.

“The people are different to Tenerife, and in my opinion, they are more professional.

“For full time living I would choose Gran Canaria, and if they want total peace and quiet and away from it all, Fuerteventura has very, very little rain!”

Lanzarote also got some votes, with user llama writing: “If they are retiring, I think Lanzarote would be perfect. They have everything they need there, and a near perfect climate.

“Tenerife and Gran Canaria are lovely, but I adore the peace and tranquillity of Lanzarote.”

For tranquillity and to be away from other expats, Bob Hepa mentioned El Hierro “has very few immigrants from the UK”.

He said: “We like the island very much for its splendid isolation and tranquillity, the smiling local people, and our South American neighbours.”

Bob also posted on another forum about his experience on El Hierro and said: “The brash tourism that has affected the larger islands and the south of the peninsula has been discouraged here by various governments, therefore tourists are few.

“Crime is almost unknown, the locals are friendly, the young ones are very polite and still respect their elders.

“English is in general not spoken, there are only a few immigrants from the United Kingdom, Many from central and South America though.”