Katy Perry Shares Orlando Bloom's Worst Habit in and Out of the Bathroom

It’s the one habit that won’t go away.

When it comes to Katy Perry‘s love for Orlando Bloom, there are many things to admire including the important fact that he’s a great dad to their 17-month-old daughter Daisy.

But just like in all romances, not every partner is perfect. While appearing on Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden on Jan. 17, Katy shared one of her biggest pet peeves in regards to her fiancé. 

“He loves to floss, which, thank God, because some partners don’t, and it’s disgusting and he has brilliant teeth,” she shared. “But he leaves the floss everywhere.” Any and all neat freaks, say it together: Nooooo! 

“On my side of the bed, and in the car and on the kitchen table,” she continued. “I’m like, ‘There [are] bins everywhere!'”

When the hosts joked that the American Idol judge “needs to train” the actor, Katy replied, “I’ve done my best.”

source: eonline.com