Novak Djokovic LIVE: Flight details confirmed as Serb to be deported from Australia

Daniil Medvedev believes Novak Djokovic should be allowed to play the Australian Open next week.

The Russian world No 2 said, per Russia Today: “I want to say about Novak’s situation that we’re in Australia, it’s their rules.

“But from what I know, again, if he has a valid exemption to be in this country and to do what he wants, then he should play.

“If the exemption is not valid or something else is not valid – well, any country can deny your entry.

“I know yesterday the Prime Minister [Scott Morrison], let’s say, said no. I didn’t really read anywhere why.

“That’s what interests me to know, the reason. Is it just he said, ‘I don’t want [Djokovic in the country]’? Is there a real legal reason behind this?”