Forget Sky Q! Sky finally reveals the news many have been waiting for

Sky Glass was unveiled during a glitzy event in London late last year, with this custom-designed connected TV offering an all-new way to watch television. With no dish needed to tune into Sky’s library of content and the telly coming packed with an in-built set-top box and soundbar this is certainly a revolutionary product but, until now, it’s been almost impossible to buy one.

At its launch last October, Sky revealed that only those on its special VIP plans could place an order which has meant millions have been unable to hit the “buy” button. However, the satellite TV firm has just updated its website and there is good news if you’ve been waiting patiently to buy and watch telly on Sky Glass.

From today, anyone can order this clever telly with prices starting from just £13 per month. That’s for the smaller 43-inch model with things rising to £17 for the 55-inch screen and £21 for the supersized 65-inch display.

Of course, that price doesn’t include any of Sky’s premium content with prices for the telly and a swathe of extra channels plus Netflix starting from £39 per month. Once you’ve purchased this bundle you can add more things to watch including Sky Sports (an extra £25), Sky Cinema (£11) and Sky Kids (£5).

If you want to watch all your favourite shows in other rooms then Sky is also offering its neat Puck streaming devices to Glass customers with these extra boxes usually costing £50 each. Right now, Sky is throwing one in for free which is a massive bonus although you will have to pay £10 per month for a Whole Home subscription.

To make its new TVs appear even more attractive in your home, Sky is offering them in a number of colours including Anthracite Black, Ocean Blue, Racing Green and Dusky Pink.

The firm is also promising a hassle-free installation and because it works from your Wi-Fi there’s no need to have a dish stuck to the walls.

It is worth remembering that everything you view on this telly is streamed via the web and there’s no hard disk inside which means you can’t record specific shows.

Sky has introduced a Playlist section instead which uses On Demand services to view things after they have aired on live TV.