Nuclear weapons by country: How US and Russia HOARD world's nuclear arsenal – where is UK?

The two superpowers possess approximately 90 percent of the world’s arsenal.

Of the 13,132 currently stockpiled, the east and western leaders have 11,857.

The total is weighted more heavily in Russia’s favour, as the country has 6,257.

The US has 657 fewer with its stockpile of 5,600, but still far more than the other nuclear-capable nations.

Russia, the UK, China, Pakistan, India and North Korea are actively adding warheads.

The US, France and Israel are not, with stable stockpiles.

North Korea’s place on the list is theoretical only, with estimations of potential warhead numbers made from its fissile material.

Although they don’t share the same attitudes towards expanding their arsenals, more than half of the nuclear-armed countries on this list have recently agreed never to use them.