'What has happened to Australia!?' Farage rages at Djokovic hell -'wallet and phone gone!'

But speaking to viewers on his YouTube channel, following a discussion with the Djokovic family, Brexiteer Nigel Farage claimed that the tennis ace “has been arrested”.

Mr Farage went on to claim that observers should “be in no doubt” that despite what Australian authorities are saying, Mr Djokovic is in fact being held against his will.

The Brexiteer went on to claim that not only has he been arrested but his wallet and his mobile phone have also been taken.

He said: “His wallet has been taken, his mobile phone has been taken he has been put into a run down hotel which is more akin to a prison!”

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Mr Farage claimed how the food is also “somewhat worse” that prison as he shared concerns over a top athlete being handed down poor quality nutrition.

He added: “And worst of all, the Australian Home Affairs Minister, Karen Andrews gives a press statement and says he is free to leave when he likes.

“Well that is not the true situation! Absolutely not!”

Mr Farage suggested that if he did just to leave the country, he would be “banned from going back to Australia for the next three years”.

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As a result, Mr Farage said that is why Mr Djokovic has launched an appeal process.

The Brexiteer went as far as to accuse Australia of seeming to lose “any sense of liberty” and “any common sense”.

Responding to reports that supporters of the tennis star have been banned from waving Serbian flags in public, Mr Farage slammed “what has happened to Australia?” as shared his disbelief at the country’s draconian behaviour toward Mr Djokovic. 

He asked: “And what has happened here, to us?



“Why are the majority prepared to allow big Government, in the name of fighting this virus, to take away our liberties and freedoms. 

“If they can treat the world’s number one tennis player like this…

“Just think, one day, what they might do to you!”

He went as far as to speculate that he reckons the tennis champ is “going to be deported” but told his viewers he will remain in contact with the tennis ace’s family. 

source: express.co.uk