Reddit learns you can shoot down Skyrim's beehives to get honey

The long-running webcomic xkcd did a strip I think about a lot. It’s about why we shouldn’t make fun of people for admitting they didn’t know something. As the strip says, for everything you know “every day there are, on average, 10,000 people in the US hearing about it for the first time.” Earlier this week, most of those 10,000 people seem to have been on the Skyrim subreddit.

“I must be stupid,” a user called Skyrim_For_Everyone posted, “been playing for a while and never realized you could shoot beehives from trees.” It’s true. There are beehives in Skyrim and you can knock them down with arrows or spells to get at the honey inside. (As well as husk and bees.) And yet, I’ve never seen a mod that lets you play as Yogi Bear.