‘App of lies’ Donald Trump’s social media platform blasted as launch date looms

Twitter users were not impressed by the move with many criticising Apple for promoting Trump’s new app.

Twitter user, @MaasiesMess, slammed Apple and implied that Trump was a traitor.

She said: “Apple I’ve got a problem with you letting a traitorous con, impeached former president launch his own app of lies.”

Another user @SteveCaudell said the launch of the app was an act of revenge.

He said: “Trump just wants to do what he can to hurt Twitter after they permanently blocked him. He is such a vindictive person.”

However, there was also support for the former President, with user @SunilKumarAus arguing that the app will be an alternative to ‘woke’ social media.

He said: “People with millions of followers who can’t stand the wokes are waiting for Trump’s social media app.

“Trump’s app will be very popular with freedom loving people. 

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The second involves a subscription video on demand service called TMTG+ including entertainment, news and podcasts.

A recent investor presentation indicated that TMTG also wants to launch a podcast network.

source: express.co.uk