Dead by Daylight drops Leatherface masks over blackface complaints

Behaviour Interactive will remove The Cannibal’s unlockable faces in the next Dead by Daylight mid-chapter update, following complaints that they’re being used to incite racist harassment against players.

The Cannibal was added to Dead by Daylight in the Leatherface DLC released in 2017. He has the ability to unlock the faces of Dead by Daylight’s four original survivors by sacrificing them 25 times, and can then wear those faces as a grisly cosmetic. One of those survivors, Claudette Morel, is a Black woman, leading some players and viewers to complain that the game was enabling a form of blackface.

(Image credit: Behaviour Interactive)

The cosmetic has also been used in racist abuse of Black players in livestreams. (“Tunnelling,” an activity described in the video below, is the act of ignoring everything else in the game (including other players) in order to focus on one survivor in particular, even when it’s strategically disadvantageous.)