New Xbox Game Pass update to add HUGE Xbox Series X downloads

This week, Microsoft will release the first major new titles for Xbox Game Pass, including a massive trilogy from EA.

And the good news is that there will be Xbox Series X optimisation included, meaning there will be something for everyone with a subscription to get excited about.

The new list of Xbox downloads was announced today by the tech giant and revealed that the Mass Effect Trilogy would soon be playable via Game Pass and EA Play.

The only downside is that this will technically be an EA Play launch, meaning you will need to have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

And due to it launching on the most expensive Game Pass tier, The Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

Originally developed by BioWare, Mass Effect proved a hugely successful franchise for EA, spawning a full trilogy and standalone game.

And while the ending proved extremely controversial with fans, ME Legendary Edition reviewed highly with critics and currently holds a very positive score on Steam.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will become playable on January 6, with the official description adding:

“For the Legendary Edition, our goal was to tune up the trilogy and make it more consistent from game to game while honouring the things that made each unique.

“For example, we’ve unified Shepard’s customization options in the character creator and even added some new options, like additional skin tones and hairstyles.

“You can use the same character creator code across all three games, meaning your Shepard can now have a consistent appearance across the trilogy, or you can choose to change their appearance at the start of each title. Customization options and character appearances have also been improved with updated textures and hair models.”

Alternatively, if you don’t own Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and are looking for a new Xbox Series X optimised title, there is also Embr.

Arriving on the same day as Mass Effect, Embr is described as a frantic multiplayer game that sees players Team up with friends, take on daily challenges and climb to the top of the corporate firefighting ladder.

“Team up with friends to become the most über firefighters money can buy. Rush into burning buildings filled with dangerous hazards, valuables, and top-of-the-line security systems. Fight fires, save lives, salvage goods, and make life-changing money. Buy high tech tools with advanced upgrades, and fresh outfits that unlock new ways to play.”

Other games arriving on Xbox Game Pass this month include the following:

Outer Wilds: Explore for the sake of your curiosity with a hand-crafted solar system filled with secrets to discover and perils to avoid while exploring space. Players are given a variety of tools to aid in space-backpacking, including their own spaceship and jetpack; a surveyor probe for scouting and taking pictures; and a signalscope to track down audio signals and view landmarks from afar.

Spelunky 2: This challenging roguelike platformer offers you immense freedom to carve your own path through its randomly-generated caves and ruins. Exercise your creativity and through your actions, tell a unique story each time you play. Uncover the secrets alone or with friends!

The Anacrusis: The Anacrusis is a four-player, cooperative first-person shooter set aboard a massive starship stranded at the edge of explored space. Team up with your friends in an infinitely-replayable fight against alien hordes to unlock perks, weapons, and new ways to play that you can share with your team.