2021 was the year I fell in love with Hunt: Showdown

ArthriticPowers12m ago

My fav game of the past gen. Unfortunately in the last 3mth it’s player count on console Oceania servers has dipped below that critical point (meaning the rest of the players play on U.S servers and have a poorer experience and drop off) The last two events have lacked the impact to player counts compared to previous ones. Gamepass/PS plus is the only thing left to save this game on Oceania servers now. It wouldn’t be a bad idea I reckon because (even though micro transactions aren’t my thing) the beautiful microstransaction cosmetics on offer seems quite popular withing the community.

Server performance is poor overall but server performance on foreign regions is very, very close to unplayable on my 100mb per sec connection

I’m hoping for the announcement of a sequel and a somewhat feature complete launch with a marketing proportionate to the amazing experience this game offers!

I know that’s alot these days, but fingers crossed.

source: gamezpot.com