‘Weight loss is easier on a vegan diet’ PT unveils plan which saw him lose 4st in 6 months

What is the biggest myth about veganism and how do you bust it? 

“The first one is ‘all vegans eat is salad’ and I must admit I was guilty of thinking this before I turned vegan,” he said. 

“What I went on to realise is turning vegan opens up a whole new world of food, spices and flavours that I would never have found if I hadn’t gone vegan. 

“The food I eat now is way more varied and flavoursome than what I used to eat.

“The second is ‘vegans don’t get enough protein,’” Andrew continued. “This is probably the biggest myth. 

“There are tons of high protein vegan sources such as soy chunks, tempeh, seitan and tofu, just to name a few. 

“When you incorporate these foods into your diet along with legumes and plants you get more than enough protein.” 

source: express.co.uk