Blind dog thrown out onto the streets desperately needs a home – ‘never felt love’

The blind dog, called Ruby, has stolen the hearts of those volunteering at an animal shelter in Greece due to her affectionate nature. Ruby had narrowly avoided being hit by a car on the streets of Lamia when a good Samaritan scooped up the ‘frightened and dirty’ dog. Staff at the rescue hope someone will fall in love with her and give her the forever home she deserves. Vet Eleni Katsouri said: “She would follow my footsteps all around the infirmary. She loves being cuddled until she falls asleep.”

Alexandra Anastassopoulos, who runs a group helping to rehome stray dogs found in the area, explained that once dogs reach a certain age in Greece, locals consider them ‘worthless’ and leave them on the street.

She explained: “Ruby was likely left in a backyard and was never put inside to feel hugs, kisses, and love.” Staff were amazed by the elderly dog’s transformation once she received some much-deserved care and attention. “She felt so happy and safe that she just melted in my arms and fell asleep,” Alexandra said.

“Then she would wake up and have the energy like a five-year-old dog. I think that is what she was missing most in her life. She would then run out and find a dog to play with because she felt rejuvenated. You can tell she was and still is a fighter.”

Sadly, Ruby was discovered to have several illnesses once she arrived at the shelter, including a heartworm and tumours in her chest that the vet believes could be cancerous. But staff at the centre are hoping that she can spend what time she has left in a happy home.

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