Expats: Cheapest countries to buy a second home in 2022 – and it's not Portugal or Spain

A new study from Roofing Megastore has revealed the most and least affordable countries to buy a home if you’re earning an average salary or pension.

The research showed Saudi Arabia is the world’s most affordable country to buy a home when taking into account the annual salary.

The average annual salary in Saudi Arabia is £15,000 and a 100 square meter home costs £67,000.

Following behind is South Africa, Mauritius or Jordan.

Puerto Rico is also one of the cheapest countries to buy a home with a 100 square meter property costing £110,363 on average.

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Although Britons may think the cheapest houses can be found in countries such as Portugal or Spain, the most affordable option is found somewhere else.

The cheapest 100 square meter home was found in Turkey for £49,395.50.

Africa, however, is the most affordable continent to buy a house with two of the top 50 cheapest countries in Africa: South Africa and Mauritius.

An average 100 square meter house in the United States could cost Britons who are looking to relocate there £207,171.


The average salary in the US is £31,102.

The UK is found in 32nd position.

On average, annual salaries are around £23,655 in the UK and a 100sqm home is £356,940.

This means it takes Britons 15 years on an annual salary, if they didn’t spend a penny of it, to afford to buy a house.

source: express.co.uk