Preorder a French Galette des Rois

In many countries the observance of Christmas stretches into January, culminating on Epiphany, Jan. 6, when Jesus Christ was said to have been revealed to the world through the agency of the Magi, the three kings. In France, the day has been commemorated for centuries with a delicious puff pastry cake filled with frangipane in which a fève, or bean, but sometimes a tiny porcelain figure, is buried, with the finder being crowned king or queen. French pastry shops throughout New York bake them, often in a large or individual size, and have them available through most of January. Ordering in advance is advised, and often required. This year, Cuis’in, a French caterer in Manhattan is updating theirs with fillings of matcha and chocolate, in addition to the traditional almond paste. They come with the fève on the side for the buyer to insert, and with a gilded paper crown for the king or queen. They can be ordered now for delivery to Manhattan starting Jan. 3; and to Brooklyn and Queens starting Jan. 6 and continuing until Jan. 30; nationwide shipping is also available. Mirjam Lavabre, the owner, said the galettes are so popular she plans to offer them year-round with other fillings like ginger and pomegranate.

Galette des Rois, traditional, chocolate, matcha, $37 (plus $5 local delivery, or $15 nationwide shipping),

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