PS5 and Xbox Series X to face competition from Nintendo Switch successor in 2023 – RUMOUR

The Nintendo Switch has been out for almost five years now, but despite this it is still beating the newer PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles when it comes to raw sales figures in 2021. According to VGChartz, this year the Switch sold a whopping 22.3million units worldwide as it closes in on 100million units sold since first launching in March 2017, while the PS5 has sold 11.7million consoles this year with 7.59million units of the Xbox Series X | S being shifted in 2021. Of course, the Nintendo Switch has been widely available unlike the PS5 and Xbox Series X with restocks for these consoles still being snapped up at last fast speeds a year after first hitting shelves. Despite this, the Switch sales figures are still mightily impressive.

The Nintendo Switch has been an undoubted smash hit and is on track to become the best selling Nintendo home console of all-time.

And off the back of this mammoth success rumours have emerged what Nintendo have planned next. And it’s been claimed the successor to the Nintendo Switch could be launching in 2023.

This was revealed by leaker markomaro, who allegedly revealed what the House of Mario has planned for between 2022 to 2024.

All of these claims were highlighted in a post on Reddit, with some of the unannounced games supposedly in the works including a Paper Mario Remake, a new 3D Mario, Pikmin 4 and a brand new racing game that’s not Mario Kart 9.

But speaking about the Switch successor, markomaro claimed that 2022 will be the last strong year for the existing Switch, with the follow-up possibly launching during the holiday 2023 period.

This system will allegedly be “a little” more powerful than the PS4, will offer the long-awaited 4K support and will be backwards compatible with existing Switch games.

The leaker posted: “2022 will be the last strong year for the N.Switch since 2023 will be the start of the new generation for Nintendo with a new console, very similar to the actual Switch but a little more powerful that the PS4, with 4K, new functions and compatible with old Switch games”.

They went on to add: “Is unclear when they planning to release it (It should be at holidays 2023) but they have some games in the pipeline to make a strong debut”.

While speaking about how long the current Switch will be supported for, markomaro tweeted: “The actual Switch should be around at least until 2024 with some compatible games for both systems, after that they will focus on the new console”.

Of course, as with any rumours it’s best to take it with a pinch of salt until official confirmation. But a 2023 release date for a Switch successor would be in keeping with past generational gaps for Nintendo home consoles.

There was a six year gap between the release of the SNES and N64 and the Wii and Wii U, while there was a five year gap between the launch of the N64 and GameCube and Wii U and Switch.

The only exception to all of this was the gap between the original Famicom (1983) and the SNES (1990). However, the version of the Famicom for Western markets (the NES) debuted in 1985, five years before the Super Famicom (SNES in US and Europe) first hit shelves.