Kate and William 'beautiful affection' while Meghan and Harry 'a celebrity look'

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shared their festive snap where they were photographed for the first time with their two children: Archie and Lilibet.

Body language expert Judi James analysed the non-verbal communication shown in the festive cards.

Speaking about Meghan and Prince Harry’s Christmas photo, she said: “With little Lilibet being held aloft to dominate this very loving family pose, Harry and Meghan continue their preferred theme of allowing us to glimpse or look into their life and their happy moments rather than posing looking straight into the camera to ‘speak’ to us, as many more formal card poses tend to do.

“It creates a celebrity look but it’s undeniably full of genuine joy and shared affection and we’re shown a very tight family unit that wants to be seen celebrating a sense of freedom and mutual, balanced happiness.

“All four wear congruent-looking smiles that have broken out into shared laughter.

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“Harry has one protective arm around his small son while he grins up at his baby daughter with a look of adoration.

“Lilibet returns her mother’s smile, while Meghan’s head tilts back to rest on Harry’s chest.

“This looks like a celebration of a return to the happiness Harry and Meghan shared before all the rifts and the misery, as though, having created their own beautiful family of four, they can go full circle back to the days when Meghan first appeared in public with Harry at the Invictus Games.”

Regarding the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Christmas photograph, Judi commented: “This is a beautiful pose that defines a family growing up and developing independent personalities.


“But under the umbrella of loving and clearly quite flirtatious parent who look more confident and relaxed than ever before.

“William has his hand on Kate’s leg and she has returned the gesture of affection, love and approval with her own hand on his leg.

“All three children show very diverse personalities and growing confidence.

“Charlotte looks incredibly elegant here while George mirrors his fathers pose.

“Louis continues to look fearless, happy and socially confident though, sitting at the front of the pose with his signature cheeky grin.”

Body language expert Believingbruce previously analysed the two couples’ behaviour explaining there are “huge differences” between them, especially shown during all their public appearances.

“When we look at the ‘connecting’ nonverbal communication and subliminal gestures that exist between both couples, there is a huge difference between the supportive connection that lies between Kate and William and the submissive connection that exists between Harry and Meghan,” he said.

“The light touches between Kate and William are replaced between Meghan and Harry by a type of touch called an elongated pat, this is where Meghan puts her hand on Harry but keeps it there.

“This is a controlling gesture, make no mistake.

“This is often when Meghan is about to say something, or has said something and she is encouraging Harry to go along with the view by the firm touch of the palm of her hand.

“Even within the Oprah interview, Meghan used the touch frequently to remind Harry who was in charge,” Bruce explained.

source: express.co.uk