Best way to defrost a turkey: 'Long thaw' – how long to defrost for an even bird

Keeping the turkey in the fridge enables you to keep your bird fresh before the big day. But, defrosting such a large piece of meat can be tricky

How long should you leave to defrost a turkey in the fridge?

Ligia told “You need to allow for one day in the fridge (24 hours) for every four pounds of turkey.

“So three days for a 12-pound turkey, four days for a 16-pound turkey, and so on.”

For the long thaw, it is best to set your fridge to 4C.

When you have finished your Christmas turkey, why not indulge with the “ultimate” Christmas sandwich recipe. 

MasterChef winner Kenny Tutt discussed his leftover Christmas sandwich.

Kenny said: “This sandwich highlights the joys of Christmas day leftovers.

“Giving you the very best fillings with very little effort. To be totally honest I actually look forward to all the flavours of Christmas neatly tucked between two thick pieces of bread more than the main event itself.”