Cruise guests share ‘really bad experiences’ with other passengers – ‘pushed down stairs!’

Some people make friends for life on a cruise holiday and many guests are very polite. However on a large boat with thousands of passengers, there might be a few bad eggs.

Reddit user, ‘Salty-Equivalent8463’ said that they had a terrible experience with some fellow passengers’ kids.

They asked other cruise veterans to share their experiences saying: “Has this happened to anyone else?”

One user said: “In my experience, teens on cruises generally get bored around day four or five and start making their own fun.

“Lighting up elevators, chasing each other up and down stairs or through halls, or congregating in weird areas off the beaten path.

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“It’s nothing a little ‘dad’ energy won’t suck the wind out of by opening the door and giving them a quick chiding.

“But you should be able to expect quiet enjoyment of your stateroom, and the front desk should be able to send someone to round them up if that’s not your style.”

One user added: “Kids will be kids if their parents aren’t parents. This is the best reason not to cruise during school breaks.”

Reddit user, ‘NyxPetalSpike’ added: “Parents were hammered and let their kids be feral.”


While young cruise guests were responsible for causing some havoc, other commenters said they had had worse from older passengers.

User ‘2ShortStory’ said: “An older lady in a mobility scooter was behind my group of three. She grew impatient and asked to be let through.

“I told her we were almost done and I was the last one to be checked off. She then tried to run me over with her scooter.

“I had to grab her scooter to prevent being run over. We exchanged words and I threatened to report her. The staff apologised profusely.”

Another guest shared a rude comment from an older passenger. ‘Otfitt’ said: “ I had an older woman approach me in the elevator and literally say ‘my my, you are so short’.

“‘You look like the size of my 10 year old grandson. You could really eat something too, you look sick’. I’m 26 years old.”

One user said they had even seen a rowdy older passenger become involved in a physical fight onboard.

They said: “An older lady got annoyed about other people chatting in the theatre during a show.

“She went over, they got in a fight and the older lady pushed them down the stairs. Could have ended badly, but luckily nothing serious happened.”

One of the commenters said: “I’m pretty easy going on vacation. I’m there to have a good time and cruise lines work so hard to make sure I do.

“It’s always other passengers that screw that up, whether it’s being rude, entitled, obnoxious or just plain awful human beings.”

One agreed,saying: “Pretty much every really bad experience I’ve ever experienced on a cruise has been the result of other passengers.”