The Best Vlog Editing Software to Create Epic Content

Vlogging has become one of the most popular pastimes in the United States, with about 32,000,000 video bloggers active. It’s so popular that many have begun learning video editing software as a vlogging career choice! Video editing tools are easy to find, but difficult to master.

They’re so easy to find that picking the right vlog editing tools may be tough! If you’re overwhelmed by all your choices in vlog software, we’re here to help. Here are three of the best vlog editing software choices currently available.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

For most users, Premiere Pro is seen as the standard video editing software. There are a great many benefits, and Adobe is frequently updating and upgrading this software. If you’re learning video editing software in general, whether for vlogging or for some other purpose, you’ll want to pick up Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Among the many video editing tools are things such as pre-installed effects and transitions, audio alignment features, third-party effect supports, a video joiner, and many more. It’s incredibly easy to use and comes as part of the Creative Cloud suite.

The primary drawback is a monthly subscription price, rather than a one-time purchase. Additionally, you’ll want to save your work as often as possible, as it frequently crashes. Still, this is what you’ll find most professionals using.

2. DaVinci Resolve Studio 17

Another program that people consider an industry standard is Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve Studio 17. Before we get into the good stuff, though, the limitations are important – DaVinci Resolve takes some high spec computers to run. If you’re using vlog editing tools on a casual laptop or work computer, you may want to upgrade first.

Past that, the user interface is similar enough to Premiere Pro to provide feelings of familiarity and comfort. It also has the benefits of a one-time purchase fee and a free version. Overall, it’s a stellar choice if Premiere Pro isn’t for you.

3. Adobe Premiere Elements 2021

If you like Adobe but don’t like Premiere Pro, consider Premiere Elements. This software is a one-time purchase at an affordable price that’s made to benefit new users. Tutorial modes like the Guided Mode help show new users the ropes, making it extremely user-friendly.

2021 is the latest version, but new versions are frequently made. That’s a great benefit for the longevity of the software, so you don’t learn something that’s made obsolete in a year. While Premiere Elements doesn’t offer everything Premiere Pro does, it’s still a fantastic service that provides excellent vlog editing tools.

Using Vlog Editing Software

Picking your vlog editing software may feel difficult because of all the options on the market. Think of your favorite creators and look into what they use to see what sort of tools are at their disposal. Doing this can help you pick your own, as well as following our quick and easy suggestions.

If you have more questions about the best vlog software to use, feel free to contact us for more video editing software tips.