DEAL OF THE DAY: Lindt Master Chocolatier box slashed by 40% in Amazon sale

Lindt chocolate is a chocolate lover’s dream gift come Christmas time. A little too luxurious to treat yourself to regularly, opening up a box of these delicious chocolates around the festive season feels extra decadent and like you’ve been truly spoiled.

And right now on Amazon, you can buy a box of these luxe chocolates for a very reasonable price.

Usually retailing for £18.99, you can currently pick up the Lindt Master Chocolatier box for just £10.92 – that’s a 42 percent discount that saves you £8.07.

Buy: Amazon (£10.92)

The reviews of these chocolates make it clear they’re a popular choice as a Christmas present. One is sure they’ll be well-received, saying they are “delicious chocolates that will delight whoever receives them. Highly recommended!”.

One particularly informed reviewer, who is an expert in high-quality desserts, had this to say: “Speaking as both a pastry chef and as a chocolate consumer, these chocolates are top quality.

“The ganache use is also very good, the tempering of the chocolate is also top-notch, and gives that satisfying snap when bitten into. As a professional and as a customer these are highly recommended”.

Buy: Amazon (£10.92)

Chocolate lovers echoed this sentiment, with another saying: “I could honestly say these are the best chocolates I have ever tasted and my mum agrees.”

Another reviewer who was lucky enough to snap up the chocolates while they were still on sale said “the box was much bigger than I expected for the price I paid, I was really impressed”.

You can buy the Lindt Master Chocolatier box while it’s still on sale on Amazon here.