'Someone needs to tell her!' Karren Brady slams Beyoncé over 'dazzling' Instagram post

“Er, surely ‘Yes, they should’, right? Well, not according to a new government-funded road safety report which has recommended that older drivers should be able to run red lights without getting points on their licence.”

A report is sent to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency if someone is found to be unsafe behind the wheel, and then the agency will then consider whether to revoke their licence or not.

“In other cases, the driver is sent away to get lessons and offered a reassessment within three months,” Karren continued.

“Those being assessed would avoid the typical £100 fine and three points on their licence but that just does not make good sense.

“In fact, any driver who can’t see a big red light or who decides it is OK to drive through one should not be driving at all,” she retorted.

source: express.co.uk