Destiny 2 Xur location today: Where is Xur this week – Bungie update

But Xur is also expected to be dropped back into the game and available to visit at one of his normal locations at 5pm EDT. Bungie has not said they are delaying or cancelling Xur’s trip to the EDZ, Lighthouse or Nessus, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to purchase fresh exotics later today.

For those who have yet to experience Dares of Eternity, here’s the official description from Bungie regarding the new game mode:

“The main attraction for our 30th celebration is the new six-player activity, Dares of Eternity. The mysterious agent of the Nine known as Xûr has shown up to host the festivities and is joined by the strange but lovable Starhorse. There is a tear in the very fabric of reality that only Xûr can perceive.

“Now you must explore this unknowable space and face untold challenges for Starhorse’s entertainment. Only then can you claim the precious rewards. All of this raises more questions than answers, but even Xûr can’t offer up any explanations of this anomaly.

“Three decades is a long time to be making games. Everyone at Bungie loves getting to create things to entertain our community and we’ve had a blast finally watching everyone jump in and experience 30th Anniversary this week.

“Thanks for joining us to celebrate with a ton of new items and experiences in the game.”

Plenty of new exotic weapons and legendary armour pieces will be available to check out when the elusive merchant makes his return later today.