Tyson Fury starts Dillian Whyte talks for grudge heavyweight fight as WBC issues order

“And naturally for me this is a Wembley fight but there will be plenty of other offers from around the world too.”

The fighters have exchanged jibes and forth, some as recently as last month when Fury has fired back at Dillian Whyte’s claim he was avoiding a domestic showdown by branding the mandatory challenge an “easy fight”.

“I thought I was going to be fighting Dillian Whyte,” Fury told IFL TV. “I don’t know what he’s doing in his private life with the WBC.

“They’re all only workouts to me, I’ll destroy every man that comes in front of me… I’m due an easy fight anyway, he [Dillian Whyte] would have been ideal really.

source: express.co.uk