Royal Lodge Windsor: Inside Sarah Ferguson’s family home at Christmas

Royal Lodge Windsor has been the home to the Duke of York since the Queen Mother’s death in 2002. Sarah Ferguson followed suit in 2008 despite getting divorced from Prince Andrew in 1996. Their daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie both lived in Royal Lodge for several years before moving out and getting married. They also spent a large potion of their childhood there. In recent years, both the princesses celebrated their wedding receptions at the Lodge. So what does it look like inside? 

Behind the royal was a lamp and beautiful orange-gold thick curtains near a cream wardrobe. 

In another image, Sarah was seen in a hallway which had green coloured walls and several family photographs and paintings were hung on the wall. 

Cream carpets were visible and a small wooden console table with more picture frames stood behind the Duchess. 

Since the first lockdown in 2020, Sarah has shared a series of YouTube videos from the conservatory at the Royal Lodge. 

Several video’s have shown the impressive drinks cabinet which holds bottles of wine, port, tonic water and several glasses and paper straws. 

On it, candles in large glass holders are visible as well as lots of flowers.

Next to it is a small mini fridge. 

The fireplace is cream and above it hangs large painting in a thick gold frame. 

Next to the fireplace is a small Christmas tree which has white lights on a red ribbon wrapped around it. 

Below are several reindeers and a nutcracker. 

There are a few dark wood pieces of furniture seen too. 

As for the kitchen, in on YouTube video, the Duchess is seeng making pancakes – using a recipe from one of the children’s books she read. 

The kitchen looked to be for professional use as it has stainless steel backsplashes and walls as well as several burners and a large grill on a shelf above. 

Another reception room however has a country feel to it’s interiors. 

Behind Sarah was gold textured wallpaper and she sat on a red and gold paisley pattered sofa. 

Dark green, cream and red curtains were hung next to her with a large check pattern. 

As for the garden, there is a large terrace with a patio at the rear of the house. 

A wooden dining table and two benches where the family fan sit outside are also seen. 

The property is also set amongst the most beautiful grounds, with lots of colour plant, bushes and trees, and an expansive lawn.