Tesla Cyberquad for kids already sold out

Tesla Cyberquad for kids

The Cybertruck links are easy to spot.


It’s not exactly the ATV for everyone Tesla promised alongside the Cybertruck a couple years ago, but the Cyberquad for kids arrived this past Thursday. Telsa updated its store last week with this latest product, and to be fair, the carmaker said the ATV is suitable for “anyone 8 years old and up.” I’d bet plenty of adults will try and take this for a ride, though do note Tesla says the maximum weight for riders is 150 pounds. Unfortunately, it’s already sold out. As of Monday, the store page now says the toy is out of stock.

The ATV features a lithium-ion battery with enough juice to go 15 miles and boasts a top speed of 10 mph. When it’s time to plug the Cyberquad in, it’ll take five hours to top off the battery. 

The design borrows from the Cybertruck, complete with a horizontal light bar and lots of angles. A full steel frame, disk brakes and an adjustable suspension are all part of the package as well. It weighs just 122 pounds, which is fraction of typical, full-blown 4×4 ATVs.

tesla cyberquad for kids

It’s cool looking, for sure.


It’s not a cheap toy, but that didn’t stop people from snapping it up. The ATV costs $1,900 before shipping. Tesla also made no guarantee it would be ready for the holidays this month. Shipping times ranged between two and four weeks, according to the website. Perhaps Tesla has more Cyberquads coming, but it’s clear, the demand is strong.

source: cnet.com