Nick Knowles 'announces' DIY SOS return next year after breaking strict BBC rules

Julian remarked: “That’s it lads we’re on the road again for Children In Need.

“We’re off up to Hull to do a job for St Michael’s Youth Project.”

Chris replied: “Ah we’re a man down though, we’ve got no Nick.”

“That’s not really a problem, is it? All we need to do is find a rough old boy with a scruffy beard and we’re laughing,” Mark remarked.

Julian then spotted Rhod walking down the road and pulled over with the DIY SOS team dragging him into the van.

Nick has presented DIY SOS since 1999, with his move from the show surprising many.

A week after it was announced that he was in talks with the BBC after breaking BBC commercial agreements, it was confirmed that the issue had been resolved and Nick would return to the show in 2022.